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Ponza Island

To experience summer at its best, there is nothing like a nice holiday by the sea...
Summer holidays ... the long-awaited time of the year is finally coming. You already see yourself with a hat and sunglasses dragging your suitcase to the ship or hydrofoil that will take you to our beautiful island, where you will find the crystal clear sea you dreamed of during the winter.
You don't need to go far to have unforgettable holidays, here you will find everything you need to experience a fantastic summer: hospitable people, delicious food, aperitifs at sunset and a sea so blue that you will hardly forget it!
The charm that the islands exert on many of us is unique and bewitching; the smaller ones seduce the traveler, thanks to the quiet, the slow rhythms and the splendor of nature at its maximum expression.
Ponza has conquered more than one heart, as has Palmarola, a wonder of nature, a paradise for diving lovers.

Where to stay at Ponza

Il Gabbiano - Bed and Breakfast

Light blue, blue and white: the intense colors of the Ponza sea are also shown in the colors of the villa Il Gabbiano.

La Limonaia a mare - Bed and Breakfast

The view of the sea is wide, from the harbour of Ponza to the beach of Frontone and even to the island of Zannone.

Casa d'aMare - Bed and Breakfast

In a strategic position to reach on foot the beautiful Cala delle Piscine Naturali, Cala dell'Acqua and the beach of Cala Feola

No stay in Ponza can be said to be complete without a classic tour of the islands, a tour of the coastline to admire the colors of the sea, small bays and beautiful caves.
Buy tickets for the Ponza, Palmarola and Zannone lines here.

Excursions double of Ponza and Palmarola

This route, with a less detailed itinerary than the scheduled services around a single island, is an ideal solution for the tourist who wishes to have a panoramic view of the two islands
Departing from Molo Musco, you first skirt the southeastern side of Ponza, with a visit to the Grotte di Pilato caves, to Capo Bianco. From here, you make your way to the island of Palmarola. The leg takes about 40 minutes. The circumnavigation around Palmarola starts from the south of the island. A stop at the beach, known as the beach de "O' Francese," is planned. Once the Palmarola pèriplo is finished, the circumnavigation around Ponza is resumed. Having completed the itinerary around Ponza, we return to the Bourbon Harbor.

Mini tour Grotte Faraglioni

The Caves of Pontius Pilate, also known as the Roman Waller, an ancient work dating back to the Roman period
The Caves of Pontius Pilate, also known as Roman Murenaio, an ancient work dating back to the Roman period. The marine facility includes four covered pools, connected by a system of underwater tunnels, and an open one, which is located outside, independent of the others.

Excursions Ponza

No stay in Ponza is complete without a classic tour of the island, a tour of the island coasts to admire the colors of the sea, the small bays and the splendid caves.
Organized tours depart every day that allow you to go around the island in a few hours (an ideal solution even for those who are in Ponza only for one day) but it is also possible to rent a boat or a dinghy with or without a sailor.

Excursions Palmarola

Arriving in Palmarola on your left there is the Faraglione di Mezzogiorno, on the right Punta Vardella. We talk about Palmarola, the westernmost of the Pontine islands, but above all uninhabited.
Palmarola was still the base of the Barbary pirates in the eighteenth century. In this area from autumn to spring there are hundreds of herring gulls and even the peregrine falcon nests there.

Excursions Zannone

The small island Zannone is the only one of the islands of the Pontian Archipelago not of volcanic origin with very ancient metamorphic rocks. Since 1979 it has been annexed to the Circeo National Park.
From the islet of Gavi to the extreme north of Ponza, the route leads straight to the Varo, the only place suitable for landing on Zannone when the sea is calm, near the Peschiera from the Roman era