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Ponza Island

Exploring the island of Ponza
It is a ritual every summer: VIP watching on the island of Ponza. The gossip breaks out as soon as the Octopus of Paul Allen, former partner of Bill Gates, arrives, 127 meters of yacht with two helicopters and a mini-submarine. Or when the Lady Ann Magee docks, with singer Rod Stewart and photographer Penelope Lancaster.

But in June, before the millionaire boats dock and the paparazzi swarming in the pink port of the island, Vanvitelli's eighteenth-century scenography, another arrival is anxiously awaited: the arrival of the fast motor ship of the Nav.Lib from Terracina, which makes Ponza even closer to nearby Rome.

It is the signal that the season begins, if not the holidays, the weekends – for sure for long weekends. Enjoy Mediterranean relaxation - rent a house or a villa to spend the summer with us.

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Excursions Ponza

Excursions Ponza

No stay in Ponza is complete without a classic tour of the island, a tour of the island coasts to admire the colors of the sea, the small bays and the splendid caves.
Organized tours depart every day that allow you to go around the island in a few hours (an ideal solution even for those who are in Ponza only for one day) but it is also possible to rent a boat or a dinghy with or without a sailor.

Excursions Palmarola

Arriving in Palmarola on your left there is the Faraglione di Mezzogiorno, on the right Punta Vardella. Cala Brigantina: so called because it offered the sailing ships a landing at anchor.
Palmarola was still the base of the Barbary pirates in the eighteenth century. In this area from autumn to spring there are hundreds of herring gulls and even the peregrine falcon nests there.

Excursions Zannone

The small island Zannone is the only one of the islands of the Pontian Archipelago not of volcanic origin. Since 1979 it has been annexed to the Circeo National Park.
From the islet of Gavi to the extreme north of Ponza, the route leads straight to the Varo, the only place suitable for landing on Zannone when the sea is calm.